Standing Committees

These committees meet regularly to handle issues pertaining to students. All members of Student Government are permitted to serve on these committees.

Undergrad Curriculum Committee

This committee meets to discuss academic curriculum for undergraduate students.

School of Comm. Diversity Council

An informal, consultative group implementing the School of Communication’s Diversity plan, Diverse Voices series, etc.

Board of Trustees

Student Government Association sends a representative to speak for the student body at the college’s Board of Trustees annual meetings.

Iwasaki Library Committee

The Iwasaki Library Committee meets to discuss matters pertinent to the college’s library.

Faculty Assembly

Student representatives are sent to monthly Faculty Assembly meetings to provide a voice to student interests.


The Budgetary Priorities and Planning Advisory Committee (BPPAC) makes determinations for the college’s budgetary plans.

VMA’s E3 Committee

The Visual Media Arts department’s Committee Equity and Cultural Competency Committee.

Spirit of Emerson Committee

Helps make determinations on the annual recipient of the Spirit of Emerson award.


Interested in serving on a committee or joining Student Government Association?