The Executive Board

The members of the Executive Board meet weekly with the advisor(s) to discuss pending agenda and business items, and act as representatives of the entire student body. All members of the Executive Board, excepting the Chief Justice, are limited to a one year term unless re-elected or re-appointed. For more details please refer to Article IV of the SGA Constitution.

Elected Officers

Executive President
The Executive President serves as a representative for the entire student body, taking on the role of the Chief Executive. They preside over Joint Session, setting the agenda and facilitating each meeting. They meet with various members of the administration to stay informed of the proceedings of the college itself. Through delegating and prioritizing, the Executive President can determine the focus of the SGA on particular issues affecting Emerson students. During Joint Session proceedings, the Executive President votes only in the case of a tie.

Executive Vice President
The EVP presides over the Senate, including Departmental and Class senators. They serve as the liaison between the Senate and the Executive Board. The EVP also serves as the co-chair of the Organization Recognition and Review Board (ORRB) with the Director of Student Engagement and Leadership. They also serve as the liaison between SGA and student organizations. They assume the responsibilities of the Executive President in their absence, or if the Executive President leaves office within the one (1) year term. They are a voting member of Joint Session.

Executive Treasurer
The Executive Treasurer is responsible for the financial workings of the SGA. This includes but is not limited to facilitating student organizations with the Appeals process, chairing the Financial Advisory Board, preparing SGA's annual budget, and staying on top of treasury paperwork such as reimbursement forms and purchase orders. They are a voting member of Joint Session. 

Appointed Officers

Executive Secretary
The Executive Secretary is charged with maintaining written records of Executive Board and Joint Session proceedings, and during other occasions when deemed appropriate. They are also charged with the distribution of minutes to the members of Joint Session and then make them available for posting within 48 hours of approving those minutes. They are not a voting member of Joint Session. 

Chief Justice
The Chief Justice duties pertain directly to the conduct of the SGA. They are charged with interpreting the Constitution to determine constitutionality of actions or legislation, overviews the By-Laws each academic year, oversees elections, maintaining order during Joint Session meetings, ensuring Joint Session meetings are conducted using Robert's Rules, amongst others. They also oversee all impeachment proceedings, and may enact those proceedings if they feel appropriate. They are not a voting member of Joint Session. 

Vice Treasurer
The Vice Treasurer works directly under the Executive Treasurer to assist them in handling the financial proceedings of the SGA. They attend Joint Session and Executive Board meetings as deemed appropriate by the Executive Treasure, and they serve as a non-voting member of the Financial Advisory Board. Each Executive Treasurer is able to set the duties of the Vice Treasurer as they deem necessary, but typically the Vice Treasurer assists with the intake of treasury forms, communication to organization leaders, and with reviewing potential appeals, amongst other tasks. They are not a voting member of Joint Session. 

Executive Assistant
The Executive Assistant serves directly under the Executive President and carries out all duties and responsibilities as set by the Executive President. These tasks usually include attendance at Executive Board meetings, reaching out to members of the administration on behalf of the President, and investigating areas of interest for the President. The Executive President may also ask the Executive Assistant to help other members of Joint Session as deemed necessary. They are not a voting member of Joint Session. 

Other Branches