Executive Board

The members of the Executive Board act as representatives of the entire student body and oversee the various operations and activities of SGA.


Raz moayed

executive president

Executive President Raz Moayed is here to help with any and all kinds of student needs. She has one last semester in Boston before she heads to the Emerson Los Angeles Program in the Spring. She will graduate this May with a Bachelor of Arts. One fun fact about Raz is that there hasn’t been a Tuesday in her Emerson Career where she wasn’t a part of SGA.

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Will palauskas

executive vice president

Executive Vice President Will Palauskas is a junior majoring in Marketing Communication. He formerly served as the senator for that department! This year he’s prioritizing creating new ways to make SGA more accessible and visible to the student body.

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Abby semple

executive treasurer

Executive Treasurer Abby Semple transferred to Emerson in 2017 and is currently a senior VMA major. Last year, she interned at IFFBoston. Her major goal for the year is to cut down on SGA’s paper waste.


Brilee Carey

chief justice

Chief Justice Brilee Carey is a journalism major with minors in environmental science, health and society, and political communications. She grew up near Gettysburg, PA. One fun fact about Brilee is that she speaks Slovak.

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