Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Here you can find some questions that come up often. For any specific questions, please feel free to reach out through our contact form.

Getting Involved

What's the time commitment like?

  • All members of Joint Session must attend the meetings held weekly, on Tuesdays from 2:00-3:45pm.

  • In addition:

    • Executive Board & support positions: must attend an hour-long, weekly E-Board meeting. Those individuals holding support positions may also be requested to attend additional meetings with the Executive President or Executive Treasurer as deemed necessary.

    • Senators: must meet with the Executive Vice President every Thursday from 2-3 PM. Class senators must also attend their respective class council meetings.

    • Commissioners & Chairs: must attend monthly Commissioners' Council with the Executive President on select Thursdays, from 2-3 PM

    • Chairs: must attend additional meetings with the Executive President on an as needed basis.

    • Class presidents: must attend their respective class council meetings.

  • Every member of Joint Session, thus, has a set time commitment that ranges from 3-4 hours. Holding a position in the SGA is not dissimilar to taking on another course. You are required to be consistently present and you may be asked or expected, at times, to conduct some work related to the SGA outside of meetings.

What's the deadline for applying for appointed positions?

There is no deadline! Applications are reviewed as they're received. If a position is listed as open, it will remain so until someone's application is approved. To find a list of open positions, please visit our Get Involved page. 

I'm not sure what my schedule will look like next semester—can I still apply?

Yes! We understand that your studies come first, and we encourage you to apply or run for a position if you're truly interested in participating in the SGA.

How do I apply for an open position? 

Our application for open positions can be found on EmConnect under the Student Government Association (SGA) page. Make sure to check out our Get Involved page to see what positions are open. 

I applied but I haven't heard back yet!

Please be sure to email the upon applying. We should send a confirmation email to note that we received your application; after that, we'll be in touch 1-3 business days with further information. If you haven't heard back after that time, please send a follow up email. Please remember that the beginning of the semester, midterms, and finals are our busiest times, so we thank you for your patience!

I don't know if I can make every meeting, but I still want to be involved.

While every appointed or elected officer is required to attend certain meetings, all meetings of Joint Session are open to the entire student population! Every Emerson student is a member of the SGA, and thus you're welcome to attend and lend your voice to the discussion even if you do not hold a formal position. Feel free to reach out to if you have a specific situation that you would like to discuss. 

When are elections held? 

Elections are held at the end of each semester (Fall and Spring). Each year, the elections timeline is set by the SGA Elections Chair and Chief Justice. For more information about upcoming elections and open positions, feel free to reach out to

Organization Recognition

How does my organization become SGA recognized or funded? 

The Office of Student Engagement & Leadership (SEAL) is currently over seeing the Organization Affiliation process (previously known as Organization Recognition). Student organizations looking to become affiliated should reach out to for more information.

SGA currently still oversees the process to become a funded organization. All interested organizations interested in being a funded organization should contact for more information. (Please note: organizations must be affiliated through SEAL before they will be considered eligible to receive funding).

Treasury & Financial Inquiries

For all questions concerning treasury or financial paperwork, please visit