Financial Advisory Board

The Financial Advisory Board is a standing board within SGA that handles financial policy and offers recommendations to Joint Session. The Financial Advisory Board is the first step in any financial Appeal and handles yearly funding requests for all recognized and funded organizations.

To see the policies under which the Financial Advisory Board operates please see our Bylaws page. The FAB's Bylaws are listed underneath SGA's Bylaws.

To see the Treasury Policy the Financial Advisory Board has approved for the 2017-2018 Academic Year, please see the Treasury Handbook, linked below.

The Financial Advisory Board is made up of the following members:
Ian Mandt
SGA Executive Treasurer

Lizzie Northey
SGA Chief Justice

Voting Members:

ORRB Representative

Class of 2020 Representative
Class of 2022 Representative

Class of 2019 Representative
Class of 2021 Representative

Non-voting Members:
The SGA Chief Justice and Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs



Any SGA recognized organization or college recognized Fraternity or Sorority can appeal for funding from the Student Activities Fee. The Financial Advisory Board oversees all budgetary appeals. The appeals process begins with the Executive Treasurer who will present the organization with a packet. Once complete, the packet is reviewed by the Financial Advisory Board which must provide a recommendation before it is presented to Joint Session for final approval. 

For any questions about SGA Appeals please contact the Executive Treasurer

Organization Allocations

Every organization that the SGA has recognized with funding goes through a financial application process. Each organizations budget for the year is determined the prior spring semester. Each organization will receive an FAB packet in which they will list budget priorities according to the policies of the SGA and the Financial Advisory Board. The Financial Advisory Board will later meet in a private session to complete financial recommendations for Joint Session. These recommendations are presented to Joint Session for approval at the close of the academic year.

For more on organization allocations, please contact the Executive Treasurer.



Financial Policy

The final constitutional duty of the Financial Advisory Board is to review and approve changes to the Treasury Handbook. The Treasury Handbook is the overarching document that provides the guidelines and rules that the SGA Treasury and SGA recognized organizations must follow. The purpose of this duty is to provide a check of the Executive Treasurer's control of financial policy. All changes to the handbook must be approved by the Financial Advisory Board before taking effect.