Open Positions - Appointed

All applications can be accessed exclusively through EmConnect. Please see the links below to apply. To learn more about the structure of SGA see the "Boards" tab above. 

Executive Board & Support Positions

Full descriptions of each position can be found here.

  • Deputy Treasurer


Full descriptions of each position can be found here.

  • Assistant PR Chair

  • Assistant Elections Chair

  • External Programs

  • Intercultural


  • On-Campus

  • Sustainability

Open Positions - Elected

For information about upcoming elections, please email
See below for positions that will be on the ballot.

Class Council Positions

Departmental Senators

  • Class of 2019: Senator, Vice President, Secretary

  • Class of 2020: Senator, Secretary, Treasurer

  • Class of 2021: President*, Senator, Treasurer, Secretary

  • Class of 2022: All Positions

  • Communications Sciences and Disorders

  • Individually Designed Interdisciplinary Programs

  • Visual Media Arts

  • Writing Literature and Publishing*

 * These positions are not currently open, but will be on the ballot for Spring 2019.

Interested in finding out more?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to learn more about SGA and some of our positions!