The Student Government Association is broken into a few different branches, but the main governing body is referred to as Joint Session. All Executive Board members, Senators, Class Presidents, Commissioners, and Chairs attend Joint Session and act as the main governing body of the SGA. Listed below are the representatives of all boards, including information about open positions. For more information about each board click the links below. 

Executive Board

Representing the entire undergraduate student population. Click here to learn more.

Executive President
Annie Makielski

Executive Treasurer
Ian Mandt

Executive Vice President
Madeline Ramaley

Chief Justice
Ally MacLean

Executive Secretary
Lizzie Northey

Deputy Chief Justice
Position open - learn more

Vice Treasurer
Position open - learn more

Executive Assistant
Position open - learn more

Departmental Senators

Representing students of specific academic departments. Click here to learn more.

Communication Studies
Rahul Thayil

Communication Disorders & Sciences
Gregory Massimino-Garcia

Giuliana Bruno

Individually Designed Interdisciplinary Programs
Joseph Miranda

Performing Arts
Patricia de La Garza

Marketing Communications
Position open - learn more

Writing, Literature, and Publishing
Position open - learn more

Visual Media Arts
Raz Moayed

Class Representatives

Representing students of each graduating class. Click here to learn more.

Class of 2020 Senator
Dimitrie Flores

Class of 2020 President
Christopher Henderson-West

Class of 2019 Senator
Position open - learn more

Class of 2019 President
Jess Guida

Class of 2017 Senator
Arianna Conte

Class of 2018 President
Acting: Jeremy Liang (VP)


Appointed officers serving niche constituencies, groups, and interests. Click here to learn more.

LGBTQIA+ Commissioner
Tatiana Melendez

Off-Campus Commissioner
Position open - learn more

On-Campus Commissioner
Lily Scher

Service Learning Commissioner
Position open - learn more

Spiritual Life Commissioner
Position open - learn more

Sustainability Commissioner
Position open - learn more

Transfer Student Commissioner
Position open - learn more

Accessibilities Commissioner
Emily Schnider

Athletics Commissioner
Position open - learn more

External Programs Commissioner
Position open — learn more

Fraternity/Sorority Life Commissioner
Position open - learn more

Honors Program Commissioner
Position open - learn more

Intercultural Commissioner
Chala Tshitundu

International Student Commissioner
Yvonne Xiao


appointed officers fulfilling key roles for the SGA

Public Relations Chair
Hayden Stills

Elections Chair
Position open - learn more

Financial Advisory Board

Appointed officers representing the student body in Financial Decisions. Click here to learn more.

Ian Mandt
SGA Executive Treasurer

Open Position
SGA Executive Vice-Treasurer

Voting Members:
ORRB Representative

Class of 2019 Representative
Jess Guida

Class of 2021 Representative
Open Position

Class of 2018 Representative
Gregory Massimino-Garcia

Class of 2020 Representative
Chris Henderson-West

Non-voting Members:
The SGA Chief Justice and Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs


VP and Dean of Campus Life
Jim Hoppe

Associate Vice President of Student Affairs
Sharon Duffy