Applying for recognition

What do I need to do for my organization to become college-recognized?

Adviser, active for a year, clear objectives and goals, and to fill a gap not currently filled by existing organizations.

I can't make it to the ORRB workshop. What should I do?

Contact the EVP at

What kinds of organizations aren't eligible for recognition?

Athletics, fraternities and sororities, graduate student organizations, and any organization that is filling a purpose already filled by an existing college-recognized org.

What's the difference between departmental organizations and college-recognized organizations?


The hearing

What do I need for the hearing?

What kind of questions can I expect?

The budget


What kind of items should I put in for the budget?

Plan as you would for one semester. When FAB rolls around you'll get the chance to fill out a budget for the whole year. Be realistic and don't worry about potential restrictions. Don't incorporate speaker fees or one-time events--plan for things you plan on doing consistently each year. 


I was recognized without funding. What does this mean?

Not all student organizations are eligible for SGA funding, and some have no need for SGA funding.  If you were recognized without funding you're still eligible to appeal for additional funds.