The Senate

Overseen by the Executive Vice President, the Senate's activities can vary across each year. Each EVP sets the Senate's agenda, but typically the Senate works to draft legislation and initiatives, and in particular maintain and update the Academic Initiative, first passed in the spring of 2014.  Each Senator represents either an academic department of the college or a graduating class. Senate meets with the EVP every Thursday from 2:00-3:45, and all are required to attend Joint Session on Tuesdays to discuss ongoing issues or happenings at the college. Senate is comprised of Class and Departmental Senators. 

Class Senators

Class Senators serve in Joint Session, Senate, and their individual Class Councils. Each Senator has responsibilities according to their class council's specific constitution, but within Joint Session and Senate, they're expected to serve as the liaisons between their class and the SGA.

Departmental Senators

Each departmental senator is charged with looking out for the interests of students that study within their department. Their specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Meeting regularly with the chair of their corresponding academic department to discuss concerns, questions, and current happenings in the department.

  • They're encouraged to also communicate with other offices and staff members on campus pertinent to their department (eg, the Performing Arts Senator is encouraged to speak with those departments and offices in charge of booking performing spaces to student groups).

  • They're also encouraged to look out for the interests of the the student organizations related to their academic department (eg. the WLP Senator is encouraged to communicate with the literary magazines to better represent their interests).

The departmental senators are as follows:

  • Marketing Communications Senator

  • Performing Arts Senator

  • Visual Media Arts Senator

  • Writing, Literature, and Publishing Senator

  • Communication Sciences & Disorders Senator

  • Communication Studies (including Political Communications) Senator

  • Individually Designed Interdisciplinary Programs Senator

  • Journalism Senator

Other Branches