Introducing: SGA Financial Accountability Initiative

The improvements made to the College serve the mission of the College “to advance scholarship and creative work that brings innovation, [and] depth” but fall short of promoting diversity and making the College an accessible institution. Kirstin Valdez Quade, in her essay Youth From Every Quarter, argues that “it’s a worthy, essential claim to seek “youth from every quarter.” Institutions and individuals have a responsibility to work against centuries of structural inequality.”

There is little reason to be proud of any high ranking program offered by the College when that program is walled off from those who do not have the means to pay its hefty price.

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SGA Executive Board's Response to #ThisIsEmerson Protest

This past Tuesday, students of Emerson College walked out of class to demonstrate their dissatisfaction and anger with the handling of diversity on campus and the failure to address concerns raised two and a half years ago at a similar protest. The fact that so little has been done demonstrates an institutional problem that will not be easy to solve. However, despite this difficulty, this work needs to be done.

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