Because the Annual Budget Request process is coming to a close, please expect longer paperwork processing times. Please contact us if you have any questions.


The information on this page is intended to be your 'one stop shop' for all things SGA Treasury. Linked below are guides for specific processes and resources that should make your job as an organization leader easier.

Table of Contents:

  1. Frequent Resources

  2. Guides for Students and Organization Leaders

  3. Timeline for Appeals and Paperwork

  4. Office Hours

  5. Guide to Submitting an Appeal Request

  6. Contact Information

Frequent Resources:


Checking on the status of your form?

This year we are introducing a brand new form status website. This website will allow you to enter your Emerson ID or the serial number of your form to see where it currently stands in our workflow. You can find this site at or the link below. 


Looking for paperwork?

You can find the standard payment form in the Campus Life Suite (Walker 411). If you are looking for other documents like liability waivers, W-9 forms or anything else, you should check the EmConnect Resources folder linked below. 



I want a full detailed guide for everything:

You're looking for the Treasury Handbook. The handbook is a hefty document that lists in detail all policies you will need to follow and be aware of as an organization leader. If you have a highly specific question, this is the right place to look.


I want a quick rundown of treasury but can't read the whole handbook:

You're looking for the Quick Start Guide. The Quick Start Guide is a condensed and concise document with the most important and frequently referenced info. If you're a new or returning treasurer, you should start here. 

I want to know how to check my organization's budget:

You're looking for our EmConnect Guide. You can find your organization's budget on EmConnect if you are listed as President, Vice President or Treasurer. Here's a guide for how to access that information.

I'm filling out paperwork and I've got questions:

You're looking for the paperwork guide. This document outlines section by section what you need to provide for each form you fill out. If you still have questions about forms, contact our help email.

How do I fill out paperwork?

Please review our paperwork poster which provides a detailed guide for how to complete your SGA Payment Request form. This poster also outlines all the important information you need regarding paperwork attachments such as W9s, contracts, liability waivers, and more.


As a new or returning organization leader you may be wondering how long it will take to issue payment, submit an appeal request or place an online order. Listed below are general timelines for each form of payment. It is important to note that these timelines are standard estimates but are not guarantees.

Errors in paperwork, large influxes at the end of the semester, or higher dollar amounts can cause your paperwork to be processed slower. Please refer to the form status page to see where your form currently stands and be sure to check the "News" section at the top of this page for information about current or upcoming delays. You will receive an email if your form has errors that require correction.


Appeal Request:

Upon submitting a request, the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) must verify that all policy requirements are met. Following verification from SEAL, the SGA Treasurer will contact you to set up a meeting with the Financial Advisory Board (FAB). At a minimum, this process can take two weeks. Please plan for longer.

Please be aware that your request must be heard by FAB and hearings are only available on Thursdays 3-4pm. See open spaces here.


Online Order:

Payment forms for online orders and purchase orders should be placed within three days of submission provided all necessary information is included. Please be prepared for delays in case additional information is required.

Please keep shipping time in mind when planning for online orders and purchase orders. The college now offers Amazon Prime two-day shipping.



Properly completed forms should be processed within three days of submission to Campus Life. Approved forms will be delivered to Accounts Payable on a daily basis. Please see the "News" section at the top of this page for information about any current or upcoming delays.

Forms will be delivered to Accounts Payable for processing on a daily basis. Payment should be issued on Friday the week after forms are delivered.

Office Hours

If you have questions regarding paperwork and would like to meet with the treasury team, we host regular office hours each week. Our office hours are listed below. Please send us an email ( ahead of time so we know to expect a guest. Office Hours are hosted in Walker 411.

  • Mondays 1-2pm

  • Tuesdays 4-5pm

  • Wednesdays 1-2pm

  • Thursdays 11am-noon

Note: We do not host office hours on days that the college is closed (holidays and weather closings). If the school is on an alternate schedule, we will host office hours based on the academic schedule.

How do I submit an Appeal Request?

Step 1: Complete the appeal request intent form
Submitting the appeal request intent form is an easy first step towards completing an appeal request. The intent form guides you through the policy that governs appeal requests and allows you to provide some basic information about your goals so we can work together to complete your request. Find a link to the form below.

Step 2: Work with the treasury team to complete your request
After completing the intent form you will be contacted by the treasury team with information about your next steps. All requestors must complete an “Appeal Details” spreadsheet with information about participating members, expenses and future budget use. Find a sample packet below. Depending on the contents of your request you may be required to contact the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) to secure additional approvals. This will be handled on a case by case basis.

Step 3: Present your request to the Financial Advisory Board
Once you have completed all necessary approvals and have filled in your “Appeal Details” spreadsheet your organization will present your request to the Financial Advisory Board. Once discussion is complete, the board will vote to recommend or deny your request.

Step 4: Review by Joint Session
Once the Financial Advisory Board recommends your request it will be presented to SGA Joint Session by the Treasurer for final approval. You are welcome to attend the vote but are not required to be present. You will be notified by email of the final results.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

I need this question answered as quickly as possible:
If you're looking for information as quickly as possible, your best bet is to stop by the Campus Life Office (Walker 411) during business hours (Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm). Staff at the front desk should be able to answer most questions.

I want to talk to the treasury team in person:
Stop by during our office hours in the Office of Student Affairs and Campus Life (Walker 411) to speak with us directly. We will be in the office on Monday (1-2pm), Tuesday (4-5pm), Wednesday (1-2pm), and Thursday (11am-12pm).

I need a quick answer but I can't come into the office:
This year we are introducing a new email account for treasury related questions. Your first point of contact for any treasury questions should be This account is operated by Campus Life staff during all business hours. Use this if you are looking for the quickest response and aren't able to visit the office in person.

I have a really weird question or am looking to set up an appeal request:
If you are working with a unique situation or have questions about appeal requests or your organizations budget, you should contact the SGA Treasurer at

Interested in getting involved in SGA?

Check out our open positions page to see where you can get involved and how you can be part of the financial process.