need a full detailed guide?

You're looking for the Treasury Handbook. The handbook is a hefty document that lists in detail all policies you will need to follow and be aware of as an organization leader. If you have a highly specific question, this is the right place to look.

This year’s treasury handbook will be able soon.

I want a quick rundown of treasury but can't read the whole handbook:

You're looking for the Quick Start Guide. The Quick Start Guide is a condensed and concise document with the most important and frequently referenced info. If you're a new or returning treasurer, you should start here. 

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I want to know how to check my organization's budget:

You're looking for our EmConnect Guide. You can find your organization's budget on EmConnect if you are listed as President, Vice President or Treasurer. Here's a guide for how to access that information and learn more about it.


How do I fill out paperwork?

Please review our paperwork poster which provides a detailed guide for how to complete your SGA Payment Request form. This poster also outlines all the important information you need regarding paperwork attachments such as W9s, contracts, liability waivers, and more.

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I'm filling out paperwork and I've got questions:

You're looking for the paperwork guide. This document outlines section by section what you need to provide for each form you fill out. If you still have questions about forms, contact our help email.