Appeal Requests

Appeals are a means for organizations to request additional funding that is not accounted for in their annual budget.

appeal criteria

Below outlines the specific requirements to be considered for an appeal request.

  • SGA recognized organizations (regardless of funding status), recognized campus chapter FSL organizations, Alternative Spring Break, ERA Awards, the Green Gala and the EVVY awards may submit an SGA Appeal Request packet. If individuals or groups who are not officially recognized SGA organizations wish to appeal, they must have an official SGA recognized organization be their sponsor and assume responsibility for the project.

  • Proof that the organization has exhausted all other possible ways of funding this event, trip or project.

  • Adequate planning to ensure the success of the event, trip or project.

  • Proper permitting and approval (please contact Student Engagement and Leadership for more information).

  • The Appeal Request benefits the college community outside of the organization as well as the students directly involved.

appeal process

Complete the appeal request intent form
Submitting the appeal request intent form is an easy first step towards completing an appeal request. The intent form guides you through the policy that governs appeal requests and allows you to provide some basic information about your goals so we can work together to complete your request. Find a link to the form below.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Work with the treasury team to complete your request
After completing the intent form you will be contacted by the treasury team with information about your next steps. All requestors must complete an “Appeal Details” spreadsheet with information about participating members, expenses and future budget use. Find a sample packet below. Depending on the contents of your request you may be required to contact the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) to secure additional approvals. This will be handled on a case by case basis.