Bon Appetit Advisory Group: September Report

With the introduction of Bon Appetit, the SGA Executive Board created the Bon Appetit Advisory Group in order to provide feedback on the dining facilities and services with this new company.

SGA and student representatives met with with Dawn Sajdyk, Resident District Manager for Bon Appetit; Erik Muurisepp, Associate Dean for Campus Life; and Karen Dickinson, Director of Business Services to answer questions from Emerson’s community. Below are the topics that were discussed and the answers to questions that were asked.

Have questions that you would like to address with Bon Appetit? Feel free to contact Dawn Sajdyk or the SGA President.

How do the reusable boxes work and where can students get one?

All residential students are eligible to receive a to-go box. They were available in the Dining Center during the first week of classes. Students that did not yet receive one can visit the Office of Campus Life on the 4th floor of the Walker Building (Walker 411).

Staff at the Dining Center will exchange dirty or used containers for clean ones. Just visit either of the cashiers in the Dining Center to receive a clean one. Students also have the option to show a specific key chain to the cashiers to receive a new box, for those that just want to drop off a used box and not carry around a new one.

Boxes are available for off-campus students to purchase for $7.00.

Can all of the ingredients be listed on the screens for the different meals?

Due to the menus and recipes in the Dining Center being so unique, it is more difficult to provide a list of all of the ingredients in each recipe. Plus, space is limited to where all of the ingredients can be displayed. The station on the upper level of the Dining Center has now eliminated 8 of the major allergens in that station. This includes milk, eggs, fish/shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans.

Students are also able to send in recipes that they would like to see from the Dining Center, and they will do their best to incorporate that into a future menu. If students with allergies or dietary restrictions have a recipe that they enjoy, send it to Bon Appetit! Students with severe dietary restrictions can reach out to Dawn Sajdyk for further assistance.

Why may it feel like there are less options available in the Dining Center this year?

There may not be less options, but stations have been moved around. The Dining Center has increased the available vegan and vegetarian options as well as having a station dedicated to being free of 8 major allergens. Additionally, the grill area that was previous on the upper level of the Dining Center has been moved to the Center Stage area, and the sandwich station is now a self-serve station near the salad bar.

What is the system with the grill now in Center Stage?

Students on a meal plan can use a meal swipe or board bucks to order from the Center Stage grill. Additionally, students without a meal plan can purchase food using EC cash, debit/credit, or cash.

Students using a meal swipe will swipe into the Dining Center as normal. Students should receive a card for the week that can be shown to the folks at the Center Stage grill in order to order food. Those wishing to use board bucks, EC cash, debit/credit, or cash will purchase the food they wish to order at the cashier in the store area of Center Stage. Then, they will show the receipt at the grill when they are ready to order.

Is there still a plan to incorporate Asian inspired breakfast items?

Asian inspired breakfast items are now going to be available off of the omelet station in Center Stage.

Is it possible to have more microwaves available on campus?

There is now a microwave available for student use in the store area in Center Stage. Bon Appetit and Business Services will be looking into the possibility of adding microwaves to other areas on campus.

Are there plans for a catering menu more geared towards students/student organizations?

Yes! This has been started and will be coming soon.