Spring 2019 Election Results

Last week on April 3 & 4, SGA held elections to elect officers for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. There were also a number of constitutional amendments put on the ballot for a vote as well as voting for each class for Voice Your Choice - Student Access (those results can be found here).

This election cycle, 875 students voted. This shows an increase of over 600 students, compared to last spring’s (Spring 2018) elections which had 265 students vote. SGA would like to thank everyone who voted and participated in elections. The results of this election can be found below. (Please note: Some results are still pending depending on eligibility checks and write-in campaigns. Please be patient as we attempt to update on the results)!

* - Write-In candidates; pending completion of elections materials

Executive Board

  • Executive President: Raz Moayed

  • Executive Vice President: Will Palauskas

  • Executive Treasurer: Abigail Semple*

Departmental Senators

  • Comedic Arts: Hannah Mittermeier*

  • Communication Sciences & Disorders: Melissa Bordelon

  • Communication Studies: Elizabeth Fretz

  • IDIP: Kira Carlton

  • Journalism: Molli DeRosa

  • Marketing Communications: Talia Aiges

  • Performing Arts: Connor McNinch

  • Visual Media Arts: Somari Davis

  • Writing Literature & Publishing: Madi Doelling*

Class of 2022

  • President: Cassandra Shelley

  • Vice President: Aiden Leary*

  • Treasurer: Anton Lee*

  • Senator: Lindsay Debrosse

Class of 2021

  • President: Arasha Lalani

  • Vice President: Joseph Johnson*

  • Secretary: Processing write-in candidates.

  • Treasurer: Brandon Smith

  • Senator: Processing write-in candidates.

Class of 2020

  • President: Processing write-in candidates.

  • Vice President: Processing write-in candidates.

  • Secretary: Processing write-in candidates.

  • Treasurer: Processing write-in candidates.

  • Senator: Processing write-in candidates.

Constitutional Amendments

Congratulations to our newly elected officials! We in SGA are so excited to have you join us!