5 Things to Know as a Transfer Student at Emerson

Hey y’all! I’m Melissa Bordelon (she/her), the Transfer Student Commissioner! I’m a junior majoring in Communications Sciences and Disorders and minoring in Health and Society. I transferred here to Emerson at the beginning of this school year after completing two years at a community college in California, where I’m from!

I’m going to be talking about the transfer of credits at Emerson because that sure is a tricky process!

  1. The first thing to know about transferring schools is to keep all the syllabi from your previous coursework. This will give the registrar's office a good idea of the content of the course! If you happen to misplace a syllabus you need, reach out to your previous professor who can provide you with the syllabi.

  2. Never be afraid to ask the registrar's office to reevaluate your credits. There is absolutely no harm in asking if you feel something was evaluated incorrectly, and it may end up working in your favor!

  3. Read the course descriptions of the courses you are taking at Emerson. Besides obviously giving you an idea of the course content, the description can tell you if you have possibly taken a similar course by a different name!

  4. If you are missing a few credits here and there, look into co-curriculars! For me, a lot of my classes at my previous institution were only 3 credits, while everything is 4 credits at Emerson, so this was just what I needed to catch up a bit. Some student organizations, like the EVVY’s, Emerson Channel, and a few others will give you a free credit for participating and completing necessary requirements!

  5. Know where you stand. According to the registrar, you need 128 credits to graduate!

  • 0-31.9 credits is freshman standing

  • 32-63.9 credits is sophomore standing

  • 64-95.9 credits is junior standing

  • 96-128 credits is senior standing

Here are a few offices I found I have utilized the most during my time at Emerson!

  • Academic Advising - Located in the Ansin building on the 4th floor. Their email is advising@emerson.edu. To make an appointment, you can go in person or call them at (617)-824-7876

  • Office of the Registrar - Located in the Ansin building on the 4th floor. Their email is registrar@emerson.edu. They have walk in hours Monday-Friday 9-5!

  • Off Campus Student Services - Located in the Walker Building on the 4th floor. Their email is ocss@emerson.edu.

My last piece of advice is to make the most of your time at Emerson by getting involved on campus! With so many varying orgs on campus, there truly is something for everyone. You can checkout EmConnect to find these organizations and see their upcoming events!