Sustainability at Emerson

Hi folx, I’m Gianna (she/her) and I am super excited to be posting on SGA’s Commissioners Blog! I just wanted to answer some question for some people if they don’t know what exactly Sustainability Commissioner is/does.


I’m a junior Writing, Literature, and Publishing major with a concentration in publishing and I’m minoring in Marketing Communications. I am an office assistant to Piano Row’s RDs and I am involved in the Emerson Green Collective (E.G.C.) as their Communications Director. I am also the Sustainability Commissioner in SGA.


As SGA’s Sustainability Commissioner, I am working closely with students’ concerns on the current status of sustainability at Emerson. Sustainability is defined as “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.”  My job is to insure that Emerson is being as eco-friendly as possible. I work closely with Facilities Management and the Office of Sustainability. With the current vacant position for Director of the Office of Sustainability, a lot of my work has been focused on re-focusing students and staff toward our mission to reduce our carbon footprint, ethically dispose of trash and recycled goods, and more.

Lately I have been working with re-creating the Eco-Representavites student jobs. These were positions held by students across campus to spread awareness of ecological mindfulness. Recently, these positions have come to a pause when the previous Director of the Office of Sustainability resigned. Now, we have set out job listings for two or three Eco-Ambassadors who will be working closely with myself and Facilities Management to uphold current sustainability programs across campus and help transition to hiring multiple Eco-Representatives next semester.


Apply to work as an Eco Ambassador for the remainder of the Spring 2019 semester! We are looking for students with a passion for sustainability or students who are looking for a way to improve campus life.

If you are looking towards the future, apply to work as an Eco Representative in Fall 2019! We will be looking to hire students across campus and would like to have a strong team of workers!

Visit Emerson Green Collective on Wednesday’s at 7pm in Campus Center Room 118 or visit their Facebook to learn more! E.G.C. includes the Vegan Emerson Group (VEG) and “green,” Emerson’s environmental literary magazine.

You can also visit Earth Emerson on Wednesday’s from 6pm-7pm in Campus Center LI151 or visit their Facebook to learn more!

I’d also recommend taking courses at Emerson such as SC220: Energy and Sustainability or SC223: Climate Change.

Just being aware of the consequences our actions have on the earth is an important step towards sustainability. Even changing one thing in your daily routine can have a huge impact in save energy and resources!