FSL Community at Emerson

Hi, I’m Tatiana Melendez! (she/hers) I’m a junior VMA Production major with minors in Publishing and Global Post-Colonial Studies. I’ve been a member of Zeta Phi Eta since Fall 2017, and am currently Co-President of FSL Council and serve as the FSL Commissioner for SGA.  

I’m here to tell you about 7 Things You Should Know About Emerson’s FSL Community.

  1. We are nothing like stereotypical Greek Life. We don’t have special houses, dues aren’t through the roof, and we aren’t going to make you do any scary life-threatening rituals in order to get in. We go by “Fraternity and Sorority Life” because we are truly nothing like what you might have seen in movies and TV shows, and try to break away from the harmful stereotypes. We represent over 100 years of student leadership, academic achievement, social service, and a commitment to scholarship, friendship, philanthropy, and involvement.

  2. Each chapter is different. Emerson currently recognizes 10 chapters: four sororities, three fraternities, and 3 gender-inclusive fraternities. Each are labeled as either Professional, Social, or Community Service, but each FSL has varying degrees of all three components. Beyond that, each have traditions and events that make them stand out as their own special hive of success.

  3. Gender identity has become a big part of Emerson’s FSL evolution. Some have stopped using language such as “Brother/Sister” and opted for the term “Siblings” as to demonstrate the acceptance of those outside the binary. Inclusive fraternities have changed from being labeled “co-ed” to “gender inclusive” because we have a growing understanding of the inherent limitations that “co-ed” suggests. Additionally, 100% of our fraternities will take anyone who identifies as a male, regardless of the gender assigned at birth. Likewise, 100% of our sororities will take anyone who identifies as a female, regardless of the gender assigned at birth.

  4. We have an extensive alumni network. Since a new class is brought in almost every semester, chapters are always undergoing change and improvement. That being said, Emerson FSL has been around since 1902, and the network of alumni is absolutely thriving.

  5. Recruitment! Each semester, chapters have Recruitment weeks (sometimes referred to as “Rush”) where potential new members can go to events, get to know the active members, and learn what the FSL is all about. It’s a great time to visit each one you’re interested in, and familiarize yourself with the chapters.

  6. New Member Education! New Member Education varies between each chapter, but is nothing to be afraid of, which is why we don’t refer to it as Pledging. It’s simply a process that every member goes through, somewhat like an extra class or internship. It’s usually more commitment from other Emerson Orgs, because FSL is not SGA-funded and operate at a much larger scale. But don’t worry, it is all doable!

  7. If you don’t get in, try again (and again) My first year at Emerson, I went out for the same sorority - twice. I was crushed when I didn’t get a bid, and was worried I would never find my place. To my surprise, I had been knocking on the wrong door! Come the fall, I found my home with a fraternity, and still love and respect everyone I met in the sorority. Lots of members go out more than once to get where they are now, and that’s okay! Everyone is growing semester to semester, and just because you don’t get a bid the first try doesn’t mean you won’t get one the next time around.

Fraternity and Sorority Life is a special part of Emerson’s Community, and we’d love for you to join us!


Tatiana Melendez