I-20 Forms

Hi Emersonians.

The final exams are coming. Hope everyone is doing well. If you haven’t started your revision and final projects, it’s time to take the first step, because the summer is coming! You don’t want to be bothered by your final grades right?

As summer holiday comes, I know most of you are preparing for a relaxing and enriching vacation. For international students, I know you can’t wait an extra second to see the lovely faces of your family back in your own country. However, there is one very very important thing to do before you leave the U.S. (I can’t emphasize this enough)! That is the renewal of your I-20 form.

For international students, you are suggested to renew your I-20 form every 6 months through our Office of International Student Affairs (OISA) office before you leave the school and you have to do so every year. In case of the possibility of being unable to come back to the U.S, this is the best way to secure your future education and to enjoy the holiday. It will only take you a few minutes to go up to the 10th floor of the Walker Building and tell the staff at OISA to renew your I-20 form. The office will needIt will take the office 3-5 days to process the request, then you are free to enjoy your holiday! Super easy! Super fast! I highly suggest that you start to do so right now as the end of the semester is coming fast., It’s you will anticipated that lots of I-20 forms will be being submitted at the same time. It doesn’t only make the office busy, but also increases the chance of errors. So, don’t wait! Start to renew your I-20 forms now!

If you have any question regarding your I-20 form and visa, please contact the OISA via email: oisa@emerson.edu or via the office phone number: 617-824-7858. You can also directly reach out to your respective mentor at OISA. For undergraduate students whose last name is A - L, you can directly contact Sheena via email: sheena_loiacono@emerson.edu. For undergraduate students whose last name is M - Z, please contact Jason via email: jason_yang@emerson.edu. If you are a graduate student, please contact Andrea via email: andrea_popa@emerson.edu. If you have any concern or issue, you are also welcomed to send emails to our international student commissioner, Jay Liu, via email: yaodong_liu@emerson.edu.

Hope all of you do well in the final exams and have a wonderful summer break!