Fall 2018 Elections Results

In November, SGA held elections for the fall 2018 semester. Elections are held towards the end of each semester, but the fall elections are intended to fill any vacant elected positions as well as the class council positions for the freshman class. There were also a number of constitutional amendments put on the ballot for a vote.

This election cycle, 234 students voted on the constitutional amendments (the one ballot that was available to all undergraduate students, regardless of year or major). SGA would like to thank everyone who voted and participated in elections. The results can be found below.

Class of 2022

  • President: Cassandra Shelley

  • Vice President: Philip Leary

  • Treasurer: Anton Lee

  • Senator: Brady Baca

Class of 2021

  • President: Arasha Lalani

  • Vice President: Joseph Johnson

  • Secretary: Liv Wang

  • Treasurer: Brandon Smith

  • Senator: Alexa Bodner

Class of 2019

  • Vice President: Emmarose Campbell

  • Secretary: Katelyn Brady

Departmental Senators

  • Visual Media Arts: Somari Davis

  • Writing Literature & Publishing: Anthony Rodriguez

Constitutional Amendments

Congratulations to the candidates! More information about what positions remain open will come in the Spring semester.