Non-Recognized Appeal Request Process


Over the past nine months, SGA has been working to reevaluate the student organization recognition process (also known as the Organization Recognition & Review process) to determine how we can better serve students with more efficiency and effectiveness. Because of this, the recognition process will not be taking place in the Fall semester, as has happened in previous years. Some student organizations had prepared for the recognition process this fall and by shifting the process to the Spring altered plans for students. We are exploring a temporary non-­recognized appeal request process as an interim funding opportunity for organizations whose plans were altered.

Non-­recognized organizations should keep in mind that all regular appeal request stipulations apply. This request is not a budget, and should be limited to covering the costs of one event, trip, or project. Additionally, this process is intended only for organizations that intend to go through the recognition process in the future.


In order to be eligible for the non-­recognized appeal request process, your organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Must meet the criteria set by the Organization Recognition and Review Board for the 2017-­2018 academic year as outlined on the page below.

  • Must demonstrate some level of prior experience running a similar event, trip, or project.

  • Organization leaders must complete treasury and organization management training prior to spending any balance granted.

  • All items requested must be requested with details of where these items can be stored and what happens with them after the event, trip, or project is completed.

    • Additionally, all items purchased through any budget granted through this process remain the property of student affairs as is the case for all purchases with student activities funding.

  • Balances must be spent within an expiration date set by the Financial Advisory Board based on the needs of the request. Any unspent funding will become available to other organizations.


Non­-recognized student organizations who intend to receive funding from the student activities fee will adhere to the following process:

  1. The student organization completes an EmConnect form declaring intent to receive funding as a non-­recognized organization. (Deadline: Nov. 18th at midnight)

    a. In doing so, they demonstrate the adherence to the ORRB criteria outlined below, as well as adherence the requirements outlined above.

  2. The organization will receive an Appeal Request spreadsheet from the SGA treasury team. The organization must complete the document with quotes and detail by the deadline provided. (Deadline: Nov. 25th at midnight)

  3. The Organization Recognition and Review Board (ORRB) will review the organizations that have requested funding to determine which organizations meet the criteria outlined below.

  4. The Financial Advisory Board (FAB) will review the requests of the organizations deemed eligible by the ORRB. The FAB will determine what the board is able to support with the available funding.

    a. The FAB will compile a list of recommendations.

  5. SGA Joint Session will review the list of recommendations and will vote on what balances to grant.

  6. Organizations who submitted a request will receive a notification with information about the results of the Joint Session vote and will receive instructions on how to proceed.

  7. Balances will become available at the start of the spring semester once organizations have completed training requirements.

ORRB Criteria:

The criteria outlined below must be met for student organizations who are applying for the non­-recognized appeal request process.

  1. Must be able to work within the college’s rules and regulations.

  2. The organization must serve a purpose that is distinct from existing groups that could draw on potentially overlapping sections of the student population.

  3. The organization must support the educational mission of Emerson College.

  4. Membership policies must support the College’s mission of inclusive excellence.

  5. The organization must be undergraduate student initiated and established without involvement or instigation from external sources (corporate, non­profit, staff, or faculty).

    a. Graduate students may serve as members, but may not serve in leadership capacities.

  6. The organization must have been active for at least one academic year prior to submitting an application. Proof should be provided.

  7. Recruitment techniques must not resemble hazing in any way, shape, or form.

  8. Organizations must demonstrate sound and reasonable financial planning for the requested event, trip, or project.

  9. The organization must have a sound structure and foundation as outlined in an organization constitution.

  10. Must have a full time faculty or staff advisor.

Questions? Please reach out to the SGA Treasurer at