I-20 Forms

I-20 Forms

As summer holiday comes, I know most of you are preparing for a relaxing and enriching vacation. For international students, I know you can’t wait an extra second to see the lovely faces of your family back in your own country. However, there is one very very important thing to do before you leave the U.S. (I can’t emphasize this enough)! That is the renewal of your I-20 form.

FSL Community at Emerson

FSL Community at Emerson

Hi, I’m Tatiana Melendez! (she/hers) I’m a junior VMA Production major with minors in Publishing and Global Post-Colonial Studies. I’ve been a member of Zeta Phi Eta since Fall 2017, and am currently Co-President of FSL Council and serve as the FSL Commissioner for SGA.  

I’m here to tell you about 7 Things You Should Know About Emerson’s FSL Community.

Living Off-Campus: The Basics

Hey everyone! I’m Madi (she/her) and I’m the Off-Campus Commissioner. I’m going to share a bit about myself and my experience living off-campus as well as the resources Emerson has to support you during your transition. Please reach out with any questions big or small, I’d be happy to help (madison_doelling@emerson.edu).


I’m a junior Writing, Literature, and Publishing major with a minor in Sociology and Anthropology. My favorite places off-campus are the Charles River Esplanade, the Boston Public Library, all the restaurants in North End, Trivia Night at Trident, Piattini on Newbury, the Goodwill in Roxbury, Life Alive in Cambridge, and the ICA. I'm involved in various orgs around campus such as Emerson’s Recognition and Achievement Awards Committee, Emerson Green Collective, and SGA.


This would be my first tip-

  1. Get Involved in Organizations and Clubs on Campus

    Living off-campus can make you feel isolated from the rest of the student body. Connecting with people on campus can help you feel more involved as a college student. 

  2.  Know Your Commute
    Make sure you know the safest and most efficient way to get to campus. Also, know back-ups. If you’re using the MBTA, allow extra time as a buffer to prevent stress from unexpected delays.

    If you need assistance or have concerns about safety, contact ECPD- emergency line: 617-824-8888 OR general concerns: 617-824-8555

  3. Utilize Emerson’s Off-Campus Student Services
    OCSS has amazing  resources. They can help you find a trustworthy landlord/realtor, roommate, review leases, personal budgeting and much more. They also host many events where you can meet other students living off-campus while learning more about OCSS’s resources.

    Check out their website- https://www.emerson.edu/off-campus-student-services.

  4.  Change is Difficult, Reach out if You Need Help Adjusting
    Emerson has many resources to support you during your transition. Contact Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services at https://www.emerson.edu/counseling-center or 617-824-8595. Contact Healing and Advocacy Collective at advocate@emerson.edu or 617-824-8857.

Sustainability at Emerson

Sustainability at Emerson

As SGA’s Sustainability Commissioner, I am working closely with students’ concerns on the current status of sustainability at Emerson. Sustainability is defined as “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.”  My job is to insure that Emerson is being as eco-friendly as possible.